Excavation, grading, and landscaping Forestry mulching in huntingdon

We clear, we level, we dig, we do what you need! Excavation and grading is second nature to us. It is a combination of a science and an art. For example, if you needed land cleared and leveled in preparation of a house, we could get the grade accurate to within fractions of an inch. We use the best equipment and technology available: Spectra Precision Grade Controls and Lasers Receivers (http://www.spectralasers.com), and the best in heavy and mid-sized machinery. We have extensive knowledge and experience to do whatever you need.

Forestry mulching & clearing

From creating trails to clearing entire forests, we bring the best quality to the table! Forestry mulching is the quickest and least damaging way to get rid of brush, saplings, small-medium sized trees, and the occasional large stump. Unlike controlled brush fires, forestry mulching allows you to keep trees of your choice untouched, while turning everything else into mulch that is then evenly spread across the mulched area to avoid erosion, regrowth of unwanted saplings, and offers a protective layer over the existing topsoil. Samuel and Son's uses the Baumalight 500 Series with the TR320 skid steer for the fastest and most cost efficient mulching combination.

Renovation & repair

We build porches, add-ons, sidewalks; anything you need! Our knowledge and experience with renovations and repairs has given us the capability to do what you need all in the most efficient way and in an amount of time that you'll definitely enjoy. We can do anything from wood/laminate flooring and indoor/outdoor remodeling to drywall and painting.


Our work will be guided by our belief and commitment to honesty, quality, and hard work. 


We know that our reputation is based on the results of our jobs. That's why we pride ourselves on a results-oriented approach.


We strive to give out costumers the best service for a fair price. Our mission is to get what you want done!

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our specialties

Driveways, walkways, foundations; we'll grade it, form it, and pour it for you. But, let's say you have a falling foundation, or that your sidewalk is sinking into the ground: what do you do? You don't want to replace a perfectly fine sidewalk, and you can't replace a foundation without going through some headache. Mudjacking is the answer. What is mudjacking? Click to find out!

​concrete replacement, repair, & MUDJACKING


Outbuildings are where we shine. We make sheds, pool-houses, garages, pole-barns, steel buildings; anything you can think of, we can do.